Thursday, June 12, 2014

Gravity Science

We did a video about gravity in science. We explained what gravity is and do some demonstratins. This is Bill Nye the science guy!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Curiosity Question

I was asked by my teacher to write How did I pick this topic, how did it go? What was frustrating? What was awesome? And, finally, how do I feel about it now?

How did I pick this topic? I picked this topic because I have done soccer before, and my sister did soccer for really long time. Also, my dad knows about soccer a lot. Thats why I chose this topic.

How did it go? This went really well. My dad and my sister helped me, I searched very interesting facts that I didn’t know, and some boys in my class that play soccer helped me and gave me some facts. And searching facts went really well.

What was frustrating? The frustrating part was when I didn’t know what to do, and when I was doing blog, I wanted to do a presentation after.

What was awesome? When my sister helped me find a awesome quote, that was awesome. Also, when I read the quote to Mr.Thies, he told me to read it to the whole class! I felt awesome.

How do I feel about it now? I feel AWESOME about it now because I chose to do blog and ask my friend what to do. It makes me comfortable. I don’t feel worried but instead I feel…….AWESOME!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Expository Writing


We were asked to write about a product that reduces or increases friction and explain how the product works and why people need it. This is what I wrote.....

What is Friction?

Friction is  a force that resists the motion and gives a lot of help.

Why do we need Friction?

We need friction because it helps us stand, slide, and roll without falling all the time.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pizza Box Movie 1


LWW Response Questions

Chapter 15 - LWW Response Questions

In LWW we decided that Aslan’s character may represent an actual person rather than an animal.  
What person does Aslan represent?  Provide evidence for your thinking (What about Aslan makes you think what you think)

Write a paragraph on google doc.

I was asked by my teacher to write a paragraph what Aslan represent instead of an animal. This is what I think Aslan represent…..

I think Aslan represents God instead of an animal, also I think this is a metaphor.

1. I think Aslan represents God because when God was patient when he went to the cross. Thats when Aslan was patient when he died on the stone table.

2. When the dwarf and the other creatures on the witches team were teasing Aslan, hurting him, spitting at him. And same with God, he was slapped by people, teased by people.

3. Aslan had risen from the dead after he was dead, and God was risen from the dead too.
4. When the stone broke in Aslan, and in God the stone door was  open!!!!!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Duty Question

Duty Question

I was asked by my teacher to write a paragraph about……. Lucy, and then Susan and Peter, feel a duty to go to Mr. Tumnus' to try to rescue him in spite of the personal danger involved. My teacher said to explain why or why not I agree with their decision. This is my opinion…..
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In my opinion, I would save Mr. Tumnus even though it is dangerous. I would save him because he was honest about everything that he had try to do to Lucy. Also, he was kind and Gentle. I would never try to ignore a kind fawn like that! I will do my best to rescue Mr.Tumnus from his danger. Lucy needs to do something for Mr. Tumnus, because he saved her life. Thats why I think saving Mr. Tumnus is the right thing to do.